— C L O S E D —
officially closing this blog. because i didn't know that simply reblogging instead of reposting everything was that hard. i've been tolerating reposters for a very long time now, and i'm just tired of it. i thought just keeping it inactive instead of closing it entirely was the right decision since most of you wanted to keep it open. but then some of you just started reposting everything, without even crediting, and it's all over tumblr. that's just really not fair for me and for the other people who helped me moderate this blog. we really put lots of effort into those gifs. especially me, when i was just starting to learn making gifs, and making it better and better as this blog grew bigger and bigger. i guess that wasn't really the case for you guys. but thank you to those who respected this blog and didn't just right clicked and saved the gifs and reposted them, i really appreciate it.